Monday, November 15, 2010

Apple and Goat Cheese Melt at Olde Post Grill in Lake George, New York

Wow! That's what I thought when I saw this sandwich on the menu yesterday at the Olde Post Grill in Lake George, N.Y.

Description from their lunch menu: 'grilled granny smith apples, goat cheese, carmelized onions and a tarragon honey mustard on grilled Mastroianni Italian bread. ' Doesn't it just make your mouth water?!

I asked them if I could substitute mozzarella for the goat cheese and no onions, and it was so good! The bread was crisp, but not burnt, the cheese was perfectly melted and the apples - they were tender, but not mushy.

This was by far one of the best sandwiches I've had, and you bet I'm going to try to make it at home! Although, I'm sure it will take a few tries to get it correct.

The Olde Post Grill is located in the heart of the Lake George Outlets, and is a great spot to grab a bite while shopping or watch the game on a Sunday.

(Sorry for the camera phone photos!)


  1. Goat cheese, so good!

  2. That one looks like a HUGE Winner!!!

  3. Oh, that's looks so Yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Definitely a thumbs up - Wanna Share? HAHA!

  5. that sounds great! I havent been to lake george in about 2 years but next time I am there I will have to look for this place!


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